IP: s175969.enmc.pl
Ver. 1.13.2
Graczy online: 8 / 100
Dodano: 2019-03-07 13:25:02

Play carefully! This server runs on hard difficulty!
You get hungry more realistically on this server.
On this server you get hungry even standing still.
Health regeneration is much slower on this server!
To instantly restore health - brew healing potions.
Craft golden apples to restore your health quickly.
World type on this server is set to large biomes.
F3 coords are not visible! Use maps and compass :)
Compass will always lead you to the center of spawn.
If you want to team up with a friend use a compass.
Craft a compass or some maps before exploring.
Chopping trees on this server is more comfortable :)
Crops and saplings grow slower on this server!
The day-night cycle is much longer on this server!
Drinking bottled water will let you sprint longer!
Drink bottled water to survive longer without food.
Drink bottled water to greatly slow down starvation!
To make a spawnpoint craft a bed and sleep in it.
If you destroy your bed you will loose a spawnpoint!
Always be prepared! PvP is allowed on this server!
You will be safe from PvP inside your land claim :)
Craft a golden shovel to claim land on this server.
To learn claim commands type /help griefprevention
You gain more claim area over time while playing.
This server has breed limit within too small area!


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